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Ethical Hackers Needed To Protect Websites Of Start-Ups


The hacking of a popular real estate portal has highlighted the need for companies and start-ups to protect their networks by hiring full-time professionals. Hacking incidents occur typically due to some vulnerability left unaddressed in the code of the website. Lack of adequate security testing pre and post deployment of the application with poor application development guidelines result in opportunities for hackers to create havoc. 

Ethical hackers have even gone on to say that companies consider network security as an additional cost and a burden to their finances. There is also a shortage of skilled and experienced ethical hackers. 

With card frauds surging in the city, the police have recognized it as a source of concern but are stretched on employing skilled manpower. Introduction of one-time password (OTP) has resulted in hacking/phishing, where confidential data is stolen then used commit frauds. Most recently the credit cards of two white collared professionals were hijacked and used for transactions abroad:

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